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breast enhancement clinic in delhi

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STRESS HITS SEX LIFE Life style plays a very important role when it comes to sexual health and satisfaction is must. Sexual dysfunctions results from metabolic issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes and obesity.

    ayurvedic treatment for poor erection problem in delhi


    CAUSES -

    • Stress from work
    • Travelling into crowded cities
    • Erratic sleep
    • Smoking

    Nearly 16% of people have some kind of sexual problem in Delhi/NCR

    Stress level – 34% of men have weak stress drive due to sex

    -63% stressed people have sex less than once a month

    So, we have expert solution for all kinds of sexual disorders like-
    -Premature ejaculation

    -Sexual weakness

    -Poor erection

    -Erectile dysfunction

    -Lack of sexual desire

    -Infertility male /female

                   Dr. Divakar singh (sexologist)
                   25 years of experience
                   Ph- 9811350305
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Sexual enhancer for females

ayurvedic treatment for poor erection problem in delhi

She Nurtures, supports, uplifts, encourages and comforts but what really completes her gets sidelined.


    So we have discovered sexual enhancer for her

    VIVA- F caps has amazing results in very less time. It has solutions for-

    • Anxiety in newly married women
    • Sexual trauma
    • Post partum depression
    • Loss of libido in premenopausal women
    • Loss of libido due to obesity
    • Hormonal imbalance

    It also elevates mood and helps to attain pleasure and satisfaction

    Herbs used- Ashwagandha ,Shatavri ,Gokshur, Vidarikand, Bala, Tvak,Vangbhasam.

breast enhancement clinic in delhi