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Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment

ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes What are Herbal treatments for diabetes?

Maintaining blood sugar is a part of diabetes treatment. The doctor injects insulin to control diabetes. Several other measures are also taken to control diabetes, of which herbal products are a better and suitable method.

What should my blood glucose level be?

Blood glucose is a sugar that supplies energy through the cells in the body. Heart disease is more likely due to diabetes, so it should be kept in control within safe limits.

Treatment for Diabetes

Our patients are treated by Ayurvedic and herbal treatment by Dr. Manju Singh and Dr. Diwakar Singh. The patient completely recovers after only a few months of treatment. Based on our experience, we provide a special treatment that takes less time to cure the patient and has no side effects.

Exercise and balance diet are very important to control glucose levels in the blood. The effect of the person who eats food affects the blood sugar level. There are some substances which increase the sugar level in a large amount, so its effect should be checked before eating anything. Blood sugar levels can be controlled by exercise.

Sugar Levels of Blood

Alternative treatments for diabetes



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