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ayurvedic liver disorders clinic in vaishali delhi india

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Liver Disorders

A small problem in liver causes many big problems.

ayurvedic liver disorders clinic in vaishali delhi india Liver is the largest internal organ in the body located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen also known as the headquarter of metabolism in the body. Liver cleanses the blood, regulates the supply of gulcose, produced bile, which eliminates toxic substances, regulates the balance of many hormones and develop the resistance to infections etc.

The malfunctioning of liver leads to the loss of apetite, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, weakness, lower resistance to infections. Our treatment is formulated to protect liver as well as to restore its functions. Our treatment minimizes the problems induced by alcohol, drugs and other chemicals.

Common Liver Disorders.



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Mr. Sushil from (Vaishali, U.P)

Mr. Sushil from corporation bank feeling gud with IBS treatment from Varun Herbal Clinic vaishali branch

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ayurvedic liver disorders clinic in vaishali delhi india